Passiveguru is an international candidate research firm. We specialize in building great lists of passive candidates. Passive and On target results. Our relationship with each of our 50 plus clients begins with a partnership.

Passive Candidate Research-on-Demand

Our passive name generation on demand service offers the most up to date email verified lists of candidate freshly gathered over the internet. We will search linkedin,

Name Generation + Verify

Apart from all above we do phone verification as well. $ 6 / verified name, minimum order for $200

Name Generation + Verify + Job Posting + Job board search

Apart from all above we'll advertise your jobs on up to 30+ job boards, popular social media sites and then filter all applications

Dedicated Researcher (40 hrs / week)

We assign a dedicated researcher to a client who then becomes a virtual employee. He is trained on sourcing and screening candidate, industry domains and most