Passive Guru offers a full suite of Passive Candidate Research and Administrative services to help you find the right professionals to fill your open positions.

As you explore cost saving measures for your firm, you may have considered outsourcing some of the non-core functions of your organization. Non-critical functions like research, wading through resumes.. Outsourcing has numerous benefits and it can be a way to retain efficiency while still cutting costs.

While outsourcing will decrease the cost of labor, you will not see a corresponding dip in the quality of work. Our organization is committed to recruiting highly trained individuals who are ready to contract for you. Not only does this allow your full time staff to be free from overload, but it also allows them to focus on developing new ideas and training internal staff

Finally, remember that outsourcing is simple when you work with us. Our organization is able to fill rolls for junior recruiters, administration workers, virtual assistants, web researchers and data entry personnel. We are confident that we can provide you with these services so that you can cut cost, and ensure quality.

Dedicated Researcher (40 hrs / week)

We assign a dedicated researcher to a client who then becomes a virtual employee. He is trained on sourcing and screening candidate, industry domains and most